Managing New Displacements from Geography


On July 9-17 this year, I will participate in the project directed by Chilean curator Rodolfo Andaur called Managing New Displacements from Geography. This project will take place mainly in Iquique (North of Chile), and part of it will be in Santiago, the capital of the country.

In the last years a series of activities have been developed in the region of Tarapaca to project the articulation of the contemporary art towards an international scale. However, this region does not yet have a place where it is possible to organise exhibitions or to reflect on the practice of various local and foreign artists who have been working in the area.

It is under this context that Managing New Displacements from Geography proposes a new way of articulating artistic discourses through the desert landscapes of the historic region of Tarapaca. Geographically, this region in the north of Chile is part of the Atacama desert. For this reason, the human displacement throughout these remote places has created a platform that re-thinks the creativity of artists, their works and their ways to investigate them facing the desert.

All of the participants of this project will travel through different institutions of the regions with the purpose of creating meetings, conversations and even walks or exploration. In addition, many of these will cross several villages in the region of Tarapaca to revive the work of visual artists, curators and researchers.

My participation in this project is supported by BEKRAF and SAM Fund for Arts and Ecology


Jakarta, June 2018.

HICP Residency Programme

Throughout November 2018, I will take part in the Helsinki International Curatorial Programme (HICP), co-organised by Frame Contemporary Art Finland and the HIAP Helsinki International Artist Programme. The result of its selection came few weeks ago and my application was selected among other four selected curators/artists for this year HIAP residency programme.

During my HICP residency at HIAP, I will undertake a curatorial research project questioning the contemporary art practices related to ecological and environmental issues. My research focuses on “forest,” “paper,” and how these relate to contemporary art practices. The main question is what kind of criticality and practices examine the aforementioned issues within the contemporary art. The research will involve studio and site visits, as well as archival research. I expect a series of discussion and public events as the outcome of this research.

This residency is organised in the frame of Helsinki International Curatorial Programme (HICP) in partnership with Frame Contemporary Art Finland.


Jakarta, January 2018.